How to Consign
Consignment Highlights

  • $10 Registration Fee
  • 90 Day Consignment
  • Markdowns at Days 46 and 61
  • Payout 15th of Month

sell-furniture-auburn-alabamaTo consign your items they must be in excellent condition. All items must be pre-approved by New Leaf Consignment Galleries. That process can usually take place via our QUICK CONSIGN Form or email followed by a phone call and takes one business day.


Present your items for consignment by using our Quick Consign Form. You may choose instead to bring your items to the store if they are small enough to not be a burden. However, we encourage you not to bring your larger items in until you have a pre-approval. Feel free to bring a picture by the store if you are unable to use the internet.


If we are able to sell your items, a $10 registration will be charged to first time consignors and arrangement will be made for drop off.  New Leaf Galleries will set the selling price for the consigned items. Please note it is in both of our best interests to price the item at a fair market price.  Items that are priced too high pass the markdown days and end up selling for less anyway.


A consignment agreement will be generated when the items are dropped off (or e-mailed if you are not present). The agreement will include the item description, an item number and the quantity. The consignor receives 40% of the selling price of items. Checks for anything sold by the 10th of the month will be available for store pickup by the 15th of the same month.


Due to our very large consignor base, we will be unable to contact you when items sell or are nearing their expiration date! We must look to you to manage your inventory and be proactive about expiration dates and check pickups.


All items will be displayed for 90 days. If your item does not sell within 45 days it will be discounted up to 25% of the original price, after 60 days up to 50%. If it doesn’t sell after 90 days the item must be picked up by consignor within a 10 day grace period.


Due to the high volume of consignment WE ARE UNABLE TO NOTIFY YOU when you item expires. You will have 10 days to pick up your item or it will become the property of NLG to liquidate or donate as we see fit.


New Leaf Galleries is not responsible for consignment items to be delivered to our store location. We do offer a pick-up for a fee and you can inquire about that when you contact the store.


New Leaf Galleries is not responsible for items displayed in the store. You consign at your own risk. We are not responsible for fire, theft, water damage, or any other hazard. You will be asked to sign a waiver when you bring your item into the store.

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